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The Return to the Queen

Title: The Return to the Queen

Author: http://happy-little-rebellion.tumblr.com

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Prompt: Prompt 1: “Trespassing”

Synopsis: It had been over two years since they had last seen each other. Jiann had been spitefully sent away into the furthest breaches of the country, just so the two would stay apart. She had been sneakily banished.

Word Count: 500/500

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Enjoy getting these prompts everyday and thought you might be interested in another flash fiction site that's just launched: theshortestfiction-dot-com (I can't put links in questions).

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Oh wow, this is super cool! Guys, check this out: http://theshortestfiction.com/ allows you to read and submit flash fiction (just like we do!) except it looks like they are exclusively photo prompts AND they have this whole friend/follower system that helps you end up on the front page. We still want your submissions here, but send them on over to this site too. We can all support each other there :)

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Prompt 3: “Why Me?”

How many of you are studying / working in a field related to writing?

Or if you’re not, how does your schoolwork / job affect your writing?

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Prompt 2

What is the story behind this couple? Write about their past, their future, their thoughts, their feelings, their worries, their outfits, their favorite books, what they ate this morning, anything.

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Prompt 1: ”Trespassing”

(Who is trespassing? Where? Why? Is it an adventure? Is it a dare? Is it an accident? Something else?)

Heads Up!

Hey guys!

Prepare yourselves for some prompts! This is year 2 of FlashFiction365, except this year it should really be FlashFiction366 since it’s a leap year, but we have no plans to change the name at this point.

Last year was pretty straightforward with prompts, so let’s mix it up a bit this year! Picture prompts, poetry prompts, maybe even video prompts—the sky’s the limit! Most importantly, we want prompts from YOU. How much more fun will this all be when people start getting more involved?

The goal for this year will still be to post a prompt every day of the year (oops we’re already 5 days behind) but the format won’t be as rigid. After all, the end of the world is approaching, right Mayans? So we might as well make the most of it!

You’re all awesome! Partly because of the whole writing and reading thing and partly because of the feedback you’ve been giving, but mostly because you just read through a post with way too many exclamation points in it. But that’s just how exciting this is.

Maybe you could try picture prompts? I also agree with occasional contest. Writing is rewarding in itself but having extra incentive could increase motivation!

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Ahhhh picture prompts are a great idea! I’ll try and queue up some stuff in the next few days. Once we get into the swing of things and start getting more submissions again, we can throw out some contests! 

Hear that, guys? Submitsubmitsubmit! (well, we’ll post prompts soon, but you can even submit anything you have lying around if you wanna throw it out there and maybe get some feedback!)

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012, everyone!  Any exciting New Year’s resolutions out there? Since we weren’t getting many submissions by the end of last year, we kind of closed down the blog.  Sad stuff. But it’s a new year, so new things can happen! What do you all think about the future of this blog? Should we resurrect it? Should we continue posting prompts? Should we become more interactive? Should we hold more contests? Send us your ideas!

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Sorry for the lack of posts guys, but we haven’t been getting very many submissions lately. So for now we’re going inactive. Write us if you think we should keep the blog; otherwise I’ll be deleting it in two weeks. Thanks!