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We Wuz Here

Title: We Wuz Here

Author: http://invisiblink.tumblr.com

Genre: tragedy, general, young adult

Synopsis: Kids like us don’t leave much of an impact on anyone’s life.

Word Count: 189/500

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Coloring Books

Title: Coloring Books

Author: http://invisiblink.tumblr.com

Genre: tragedy, general

Prompt: 264: Within the Lines

Synopsis: He’s an old soul; not that these imagination-less adults wouldn’t recognize it.

Word Count: 299/500

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A Morning Measure of Worth

Author: Ramona Hartley

Genre: General Fiction

Prompt: # 1 Suitably Warm

Synopsis: The Ocean was like glass this morning, not yet disturbed by the summer cottager’s to-ing and fro-ing in their sleek white sailboats. Sad to think they might loose this place; but, that was the chance you took when you rented.

Word Count: 420/500

Golden dawn crept over the mountain as she kicked her way out from under the tangled sheets and blankets.  Pulling on her over large slippers she tramped into the kitchen, first putting the coffee on, then booted up the computer, and lastly into the bathroom to finish her morning routine.  Coming out the coffee was ready, so it was with a full cup she went onto the deck to take in the crisp air and the million dollar view.

The ocean was like glass this morning, not yet disturbed by the summer cottager’s to-ing and fro-ing in their sleek white sailboats. Sad to think they might loose this place; but, that was the chance you took when you rented. Hopefully it won’t sell, or if it does the new owners will let them stay on as tenants.  That would be perfect so long as they didn’t raise the rent. 

This place was a major score.  She would never be able to afford to buy a place like this on what they currently made. There was not much for gainful employment in the area and neither of them had found outstanding jobs with great salaries. To be honest, the cottage itself wasn’t much and it was badly in need of repairs; but, the view was worth every penny.  So far this summer she has been whale watching from her kitchen window; just try to put a price tag on that.

It was almost a year since they had moved out here. She reminded herself that making this move was a lifestyle choice. She had wanted to escape from the city and  her former view of dirty streets with crack heads and hookers on every corner, where she couldn’t even go for a walk without some ass-hat slowing down in his shiny SUV to ask if she wanted to party.  Did she look like a hooker? What did a hooker look like any way? She had seen all kinds of them from young and fresh to old, worn and addicted. Her favorite was roller hooker, who danced down the streets on wheels, now there was a street girl who understood that branding was everything. 

Oh, well, that is the past, now I am here, a pauper with a million dollar view.  She did another inward check on her emotional temperature and found it to be suitably warm. Taking a deep drag from her cigarette she tried to imagine what the next year might bring

Jeff The Genius

Jeff the Genius

Author : Anna Skye – Annaskye.tumblr.com

Genre : Angst

Prompt: 219 “Genius”

Synopsis : An envious friend rants off!

Word Count: 65/500

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Open Your Mind

Title: Open Your Mind

Author: foreverindecisive

Genre: General, Adventure

Prompt: #186: Open ________

Synopsis: “It was blurry. And my eyes wouldn’t open. I tried and tried, but nothing. So, my other senses turned themselves on.”

Word Count: 223/500

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Hopelessly Penned

Title: Hopelessly Penned

Author: http://mythicalfictionwriter.tumblr.com

Genre: Inspiration

Prompt: Prompt Name: Accept Criticism

Prompt #: 16

Synopsis: An essay about accepting constructive criticism as an amateur and professional writer.

Word Count: 218/500

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Rolling Perspective

Title: Rolling Perspective

Author: tehroach.tumblr.com

Genre: general, young adult, tragedy

Synopsis: She gains perspective about her father, a man who loved her much less than he’d loved himself.

Word Count: 486/500

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Wonder Woman

Title: Wonder Woman

Author: foreverindecisive

Genre: General, Biography, Inspiration

Synopsis: "She wasn’t always nice to me, but I can’t help but love her."

Word Count: 133/500

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Cinnamon Sweet

Title: Cinnamon Sweet

Author: Anna Skye / annaskye.tumblr.com

Genre: Poetry,Angst

Synopsis: A lover’s lament.

Word Count: 135/500

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The truth hurts.

Title: The truth hurts. 

Author: http://summerskiies.tumblr.com/

Genre: Romance, General, Young Adult

Synopsis: A cheating girlfriend gets more of the truth than she bargained for.

Word Count: 263/500

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