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A Second Chance

Title: A Second Chance

Author: summerskiies.tumblr.com

Genre: Horror, Thriller.

Synopsis: A murderous husband gets a second chance to be with his wife.

Word Count: 292/500

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Title: Illusion

Author: ChaosInSync

Genre: Fantasy Supernatural Tragedy

Synopsis: An illusion captivates her ailing mind.

Word Count: 316/500

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Title: Unlit

Author: asherdashery

Genre: Horror, Romance

Synopsis: Kaleb shares a memory from his pre-apocalypse life.

Word Count: 479/500

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Shadow Waltz

Title: Shadow Waltz


Genre: general, young adult, autobiography

 Synopsis: A girl longs for a dance partner, ends up disappointed, and chops off his head in her imagination.

Word Count: 378/500

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Alice’s Joke

Title: Alice’s Joke

Author: http://pitye.tumblr.com

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Suspense

Synopsis: How far does a Halloween prank go?

Word Count: 494/500

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Best served cold

Title: Best served cold

Author: http://wordsandweapons.tumblr.com/

Genre: general, horror, tragedy

Synopsis: She liked it scalding.

Word Count: 272/500

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Barely a Whsiper

Title: Barely a Whisper

Author: pa11idam0rs

Genre: Horror, Tragedy

Synopsis: Two people in the middle of the woods during a zombie apocalypse

Word count: 347/500

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Sleep Now and Forever

Title: Sleep Now and Forever

Author: fraying.tumblr.com

Genre: horror, supernatural

Synopsis: Goodnight, Mother.

Word Count: 204/500

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My Name is Hill

Title: My name is Hill

 Author: my2cworth.tumblr.com

 Genre: Tragedy/Horror

 Synopsis: How ironic is life, how cruel and bitter …

 Word Count: 397/500

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liberation square

title: “liberation square”

author: http://imgonnaputaholeinmytvset.tumblr.com/

Genre: Nonfiction/Tragedy/Poetry

Word Count: 149/500

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Title: Collection

Author: fraying.tumblr.com

Genre: horror

Synopsis: It’s just a weird habit, really.

Word Count: 259/500

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Reform, Refresh, Refurbish

Title: Reform, Refresh, Refurbish

Author: http://invisiblink.tumblr.com

Genre: Horror, Tragedy, General

Synopsis: She decided it was time for a little renovation of her life.

Word Count: 220/500

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