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Cinnamon Sweet

Title: Cinnamon Sweet

Author: Anna Skye / annaskye.tumblr.com

Genre: Poetry,Angst

Synopsis: A lover’s lament.

Word Count: 135/500

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Off to Yourself

Title : Off to Yourself

Author : Anna Skye/ Annaskye.tumblr.com

Genre : Poetry, Angry,

Synopsis : A girl has had it up to hear with her boyfriend wanting privacy!

Word Count :  131/500

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The Dress

Title: The Dress
Name: Anna Skye / AnnaSkye.trumblr.com
Genre: Romance,Poetry
Synopsis: A dress can make one feel so brand new.
Word Count: 91/500

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Title: Illusion

Author: ChaosInSync

Genre: Fantasy Supernatural Tragedy

Synopsis: An illusion captivates her ailing mind.

Word Count: 316/500

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Even though it hurts

Title: Even though it hurts
Author: http://c-j-w.tumblr.com/
Genre: Poetry
Synopsis: Just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean you should stay in the hopes they’ll love you back
Word Count: 33/500

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Seven Different Ways of Looking at Silence

Title: Seven Different Ways of Looking at Silence

Author: crazypeace.tumblr.com

Genre: Poetry

Synopsis: A poem about the different roles silence takes on

Word Count: 139/500

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Absolute Discord

Title: Absolute Discord

Author: picturethiswritethat.tumblr.com

Genre: poetry

Synopsis: relationship fizzles…

Word Count: 200/500

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